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Remembrance Challenge 2020


Instructions & Rules

1. Children Grade 1 to Grade 7 to learn Psalm 23
2. Children up to and including SK to learn John 3:16. They can choose to learn Psalm 23 for the larger prize but may not be able to switch after registration (prizes will be purchased based on registration).

1. You must be able to go to the church to collect the prize weekday mornings (holidays excepted).
2. Children G1 to G7 cannot choose to learn John 3:16 for a prize, (too easy)
3. Children up to SK could learn Psalm 23 if they are up for the challenge
4. Parents of children under 8 years old receiving the “Creative Colouring” set must remove the small magnets from the box. If swallowed they can cause serious medical issues.

1. Register that the challenge has been accepted by emailing eva@elginmc.ca with child’s name and age and confirm the verses they are learning by November 22, 2020.
2. Record individual children reciting the memory verses and send to eva@elginmc.ca before December 20, 2020
3. A video that will include your child will be aired online and in-person service on December 27, 2020. Submission of a video indicates your permission to use your child in the video.  No names will be provided on the video.
4. You must come to the church to collect the prize Monday to Friday 9 am to noon. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day the office is closed. Prizes not available for collection on weekends.
5. When the video recording has been submitted you will receive a reply indicating that you can collect the prize. The final date for submission is Sunday December 20, 2020.